About Us


Glasscare Window Films (UK) Limited in it’s present form was acquired by the Directors in 1995 and was re-structured and re-located. Prior to this, the company, which had been trading since 1980, was simply known as Glasscare.

Although initial interest was generated by the terrorist bomb threat in the UK and Ireland, continual development of new products has filled the void caused by the reduction of this threat.

Glasscare Window Films (UK) Limited specialise in the supply and installation of bomb blast, security, safety and solar control window films. Our initial surveys, advice and recommendations are free, site specific and tailored to your individual needs. No contract is tool large or too small to receive our complete, personal and professional attention.

We also offer a risk assessment consultancy service, using the very latest scientific equipment, to measure the thickness and identify the type of glass.  This is essential under the Health & Safety Regulations.

Choosing film is the cost-effective answer to the replacement of glass in the workplace. It can cost as little as one fifth that of replacing the glazed areas, with none of the disruption of mess involved with chopping-out and re-glazing non-compliant units.  The optically clear safety film, which is available in four thicknesses, exceeds the requirements contained in the relevant British Standards and Building Regulations.

Health and Safety requirements in the workplace have become increasingly important in recent years.  Typically, the necessity to reduce glare in workstations and general working areas has taken on a greater significance.

Glasscare offer free advice on a wide range of solar control films manufactured specifically to ensure the comfort of employees in the workplace.

Motorists will have noticed a massive increase in the number of vehicles with tinted windows. Where once it was the whim of the rich and famous to drive about without being recognised, it is now within everyone’s budget to add this hi-spec look to his or her car.

As with any aspect of window film, there are good and bad products available and certainly the same could be said for the technicians offering the service. It is essential that the correct advice is given and a first class service is provided whilst steering owners clear or legal problems. We have one of the longest established auto-tinting workshops in the North where we will take care of your car.